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The Palace Rat

Written by Lynne Marie

Illustrated by Eva Santana

Publisher: Yeehoo Press

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ISBN-10: 1953458645

ISBN-13: 978-1953458643




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About the Book

Perfect for fans of Kevin Henkes’ Mouse Adventures and Leo Lionni’s Frederick, or young readers taking their first steps towards independence!

Henri is a palace rat living as the pampered pet of King Louis the XVI! He’s waited on paw and foot . . . but not everybody is happy about it. When a dastardly plan by the royal staff casts Henri out to the streets, he must find his own way safely home. Country mice take Henri in and kindly show him their ways of living. To survive, Henri will eat field strawberries, fashion new clothes out of rags to match the latest Parisian styles, and sleep on grass nests, dreaming of his return to the palace.

In no time, Henri will become a popular figure, spinning rich and colorful tales of palace life for growing audiences. Yet every great tale must have a happy ending . . . and when the time comes for Henri to determine how his own story will conclude, will he choose to stay with his new friends on the street or return to his regal life of comfort?

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