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Three Reasons to Read A Chip Off the Old Block

A Review of:

Author: Jody Jensen Shaffer

Illustrator: Daniel Miyares

Publisher: Penguin Putnam / Nancy Paulsen Books, 2018

Jacket Copy: Rocky comes from a long line of rock stars! Uncle Gibraltar, Aunt Etna and Great Grandma Half Dome ore just some of the legendary rock formations he calls family. So it's no wonder that Rocky wants to do something big and really matter. But it's not easy trying to get a foothold out in the wide world, and Rocky finds himself tossed and turned. Will these pitfalls erode his confidence? Or will this little chip off the old block keep right on rocking and rolling?


  1. As early as the story beginning, there's informative, fun and funny illustrations which shows some famous rock formations! So there's much to mine in this story as far as humor, education and entertainment in art and text.

  2. It's about someone small who wants to make a big difference, so many little ones will connect with the main character and identify with his problem!

  3. There's puns and they're punny! And, lots of fun rock-filled destinations on Rocky's journey!

Shaffer's text rocks and rolls from beginning to end, and Miyares' art bring it to life in a wonderful way!

This book has so much going for it -- an accessible character with a compelling problem, world travel and a satisfying resolution. Be sure to check it out!

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