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Three Reasons to Read 10 Turkeys in the Road!

A Review of:

Author: Brenda Reeves Sturgis

Illustrator: David Slonim

Publisher: Two Lions, 2012

“Counting down with goofy gobblers—and a delightful final surprise…The turkey tableaux are deliriously silly, and…Slonim’s bright acrylics amp the loopiness of Sturgis’ verses.” Kirkus Reviews

AMAZON: Ten turkeys in the road are circus performers practicing their show. As a farmer in his pickup truck tries to pass them, he grows more and more frustrated. The turkeys fly away one at a time, but in the end, the clever turkeys get exactly what they were after all along. Bold, hilarious acrylic paintings bring to life all the spectacle and excitement of the circus.


  1. It's the perfect story for Thanksgiving Fun for little ones while they wait for dinner to be served, with rollicking rhyme by Brenda Reeves Sturgis and active and engaging art by David Slonim!

  2. It teaches counting down in a way that's seamless and doesn't feel like math!

  3. It has lovely language with poetic devices that can be taught to older children in conjunction with a poetry workshop, like consonance and assonance.

As can be seen by the spreads, Slonim's art frolics along with the rhyme!

But there's more -- a refrain that little ones can join in to read, and a surprising ending that will delight! This book is my "go to" book to bring as a gift when accepting a Thanksgiving dinner invitation where there's kids. I love to read it to them and then leave it behind to savor holiday after holiday.

Click on the title to buy the Kindle or Paperback Copy of 10 Turkeys in the Road.



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