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PPBF: Maybe a Whale by Kirsten Pendreigh

Maybe a Whale by Kirsten Pendreigh and illustrated by Crystal Smith is a beautifully-rendered, lyrical picture book which follows a young girl on an adventure as she deals with the death of her grandfather -- who loved whales.

It portrays the loss from the child's point of view, in a realistic and pensive, and illluminating way.

But rather than be overwhelmingly sad, while one can feel the loss, it's more thoughtful and curious. Its many levels that serve to pull the reader through.

These levels allow the reader to navigate the story's grief and at the same time, go on an adventure as the main character follows in her grandfather's footsteps. Ultimately, she takes that whale watching trip she and her grandfather never got to take. At the culmination of the trip, she feels close with grandpa, even when she can't see him -- just like the whales. Many little ones will be able to draw from this "shared" experience.

The language and the art are equally beautiful and have a soothing effect. I highly recommend this book as a thoughtful and inspiring way for a child to explore the emotions of grief.

As ad added bonus it allows the reader to armchair travel to whale watch and also features special mother daughter bonding time!

Maybe a Whale by Kirsten Pendreigh and illustrated by Crystal Smith is available from Groundwood Books (August 1, 2023). Click the title to pre-purchase your copy!



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