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PPBF: Benford Draws a Blank

by Danielle Dufayet

Art by Katia Klein

Capstone, 2023

I recently hosted a themed Rate Your Story Mentor Text Talk where we featured books that showed how to tell a story (How to Write a Story by Kate Messner, illustrated by Mark Siegel, and The Plot Chickens by Mary Jane Auch and Herm Auch). The other book Jacob Had a Little Overcoat, spoke to the value of an idea. Benford Draws a Blank would have been an perfect addition to that creative line up!

But better late than never, as I read the book today and can share it here! This book is illuminating, not only for kids, but for adults too!

Dufayet introduces a character we can all identify with -- a kid who excited to create a painting on his new easel, but draws a...


Benford struggles to come up with a perfect idea. But despite his best attempts, he comes up with...


When Benford decides to draw something, anything, he is not happy with the result. That's when his creativity awakens. He splashes and splotches and finally catches a glimpse of what his picture needs to be. And then, he brings it all the way there.

Children will enjoy accompanying Benton on his creative journey, as will adults who need just this type of inspiration! May they let go of the pressure and original idea enough to let a picture, story, or idea become just want it needs to be and be perfect!

I truly love this book with it's clever and inspiring message and its sweet and colorful art by Katia Klein. I hope someone nominates it for a Cybils award next year (

Buy your copy of Benford Draws a Blank here:

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1 Comment

Patricia Tilton
Patricia Tilton
Jan 14, 2023

Two reviews today of this entertaining book. We all have faced a blank page -- perfect for kids and adults! What a wonderful gift book! Thanks for sharing!

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