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Join Us for the Top Shelf Picture Books Seminar

As a creative and a storyteller, you have a passion for crafting and sharing your stories. But when it comes to getting a manuscript ready for submission or publication, the process can be pretty daunting.

From polishing your draft…

To getting the right agent…

Connecting with enthusiastic publishers…

And all the way to sharing your book with the world! It’s a tough journey to

manage all on your own. But that’s why Rosie J. Pova has created the Top Shelf Picture Books Seminar! This FREE event will help you figure out the next right step for you, make you aware of mistakes to avoid, encourage you on your journey, and empower you to pursue your goal of getting your picture book out there!

It’s time to take the next big step in the direction of your dream! 

Claim your spot in this empowering seminar by clicking here!


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Remember all it takes to join is to click this link!



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