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A Review of How Do You Haiku? by Danna Smith

Whether or not you think you know how to haiku, this book is for you! How Do You Haiku? is a comprehensive exploration of this diverse poetry form which includes a Step-by-Step guide to writing haiku, published examples from both traditional and modern poets, inspiring quotes, templates, etymology, biographies and more.

Smith starts off with her definition of a poet, which is clear and accessible to the child reader. But don’t be fooled – this book will work for haiku writers and masters of all ages! Smith’s structured approach to haiku will surely inspire children to express themselves and their emotions through poetry. And as a bonus for parents and teachers, it’s a fun exercise in perception, learning the seasons, following directions and accepting a small challenge!

For those who rise to the challenge, Smith provides a strong foundation to understanding the genre, as well as the tools to write one. And, as yet another added bonus, she inspires the child to take a ginko – a quiet walk through nature to observe and consider the world that surrounds them. Step by step, she leads the reader to find inspiration, capture a moment in time, count syllables, navigate the differences in form, and review their work with a helpful checklist.

But there’s more –

Smith shares fun facts - did you know that haiku started as a party game over 700 years ago?

She includes forms that can be copied for readers to write both traditional forms of haiku (saijiki, renga, kuhi, haibun, senryu, haiga – just to name a few) and also modern forms, including comic haiku, catku and other engaging options.

And there’s crafts and travel games, as well!

Once the reader completes this multi-level book by the talented Danna Smith, they will have an Aha! Moment! They’re realize they can understand, read and write many forms of haiku and that they are well on their way to becoming a haiku master (which is defined as having successfully written 10 haiku).

Five Stars

Lynne Marie,

Director, Rate Your Story

Reviewer, Peek-a-boo Reviews

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