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3 Reasons to Read: In the Palm of My Hand

by Jennifer Raudenbush

Art by Isabella Conti

Running Press Kids, 2023

On an ambling walk, a child discovers they hold the promise of larger worlds—forests and meadows—in the palm of their hand. An acorn becomes a tree within a woodland wonderland. A grain of sand becomes a sandcastle in a kingdom of imagination. By exploring nature’s tiniest details, they learn even small things, including them, contain infinite potential.

Jennifer Raudenbush's In The Palm of My Hand uses lyrical text to spotlight the magical potential of things that may seem little and simple, but one day will become something amazing.

Isabella Conti's art captures a world of wonder that is free for any child to explore and enjoy.

There's so many reasons that this book is brilliant, but here are three:

  1. Inspires a child to go outside and interact with nature.

  2. Inspires a child to consider what little things may become.

  3. Inspires a child to wonder and explore all the magic inside of them.

And as a result, it inspires the child too, to grow into something wonderful.

Discover this book and begin your journey...



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