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PPBF: Beulah Has a Hunch

BEULAH HAS A HUNCH: Inside the Colorful Mind of Master Inventor Beulah Louise Henry, written and illustrated by Katie Mazeika, features and active main character that kids will connect with.

Beulah gets ideas (which she calls hunches), but although she sees them in great detail (hyperphantasia) and colors in her mind (synesthesia) sometimes its frustrating to get them down on paper!

That's a big problem. But an even bigger problem is that she lives in a time when girls are taught things like poetry, music, etiquette and elocution, not science or math!

Will Beulah allow herself to be discouraged, or will she invent anyway?

This colorfully illustrated book really adds a dimension of understanding and works well to illustrate the main character's synesthesia!

Readers will love seeing Beulah's infectious determination, as well as the impressive gadgets and toys she invented.

It was refreshing to learn about this new and different person who used her abilities to make a difference in the lives of others.

BEULAH HAS A HUNCH is available form Beach Lane Books, on October 17, 2023. Click the title to prepurchase your copy!



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